Big Ten Emerging Scholars Speakers Series

Several of the Big Ten Departments of English will launch our new Emerging Scholars Speakers Series in the 2018-2019 academic year. This series enables departments to host an advanced graduate students or newly minted PhD from another institution for a two-day visit during which the visiting speaker will deliver a lecture and engage in other campus visit-related activities. We see this joint initiative as a proactive way of providing our graduate students with a job talk-like experience, while also promoting networking across universities.

This year’s participants are:

Michael Gadaleto from Penn State, who will present from “The Island Nation and Its Discontents: Transnational Identities and Participatory Nationhood in English Renaissance Literature from Shakespeare to Milton” at UMN.

Derek Lee from Penn State, who will present from “Parascience and Revolution: The Paranormal Mind in Twentieth-Century Literature” at UIUC.

Katelin King from UMN, who will present from “The Victorian Mind’s Eye: Perception as Form in Literature and Science” at UW.

Matthew Guzmann from UNL, who will present from “Non/human: Praxis and Flux in Nineteenth-Century American Literature” at MSU.

Laura B. McGrath from MSU, who will present from “Comp Titles, Computation, and Contemporary Literature” at UNL.

Emily L. Loney from UW, who will present from “Preposterous Revisions: Reordering Space and Time in the Sidney Circle” at Penn State.

Kate Norcross from UIUC, who will present from “Beowulf and Trauma” at Penn State.